Is YOUR 'NEW Vegetarian Diet' making YOU GAIN WEIGHT?"

Find Out The
5 Biggest Mistakes  People Make As A Vegetarian Or Vegan That Makes Them Gain Weight!

"A Vegetarian Diet Can Help You To...
Stop Cancer in Its Tracks, Help Control Diabetes, And Even Helps Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes... BUT the bad part is... it can make you fatter and gain weight

It's a fact...if you eat a vegetarian diet and do it the wrong're going to gain weight...and probably more than you want! Here's how to 'eat like a vegetarian the right way' and get a new slimmer, healthier you!"

My name is Olivia Green and I am a active, hard-working woman who has fought my weight gain for years. And failed... I would like to tell you something personal about myself and I am sure you know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

Even my Girlfriend told me...
"Those Jeans
Make You Look TOO FAT!"

I went shopping with my girlfriend for a new pair of jeans (because my old pair of my favorite jeans had shrunk in the dryer...I'm sure you know how that goes...) and even she told me "The jeans I was trying on made me look too fat!"

I could have cried...

Heck if my girlfriend was telling me this when I asked her how a new pair of jeans fit... (no telling what others were saying behind my back)...and I knew she was telling me the truth no matter how much it hurt me. I HAD to DO something about my weight!

Problem was that the vegetarian diet I was on was not helping me lose the weight! I did not know what I was doing wrong...

I have tried all my life to lose weight. I have always been short, 5'1" and I never felt good about how I looked. No matter how I tried to diet or tried to 'dress slim'...

I Always LOOKED SHORT and FAT...

One day last May, I couldn't take it anymore.

I wanted to go to a picnic and needed new jeans and couldn't find any to buy that made my fat disappear... most of the new skinny jeans styles just made me look fatter!

I was on a new vegetarian diet (I had stuck with it for 3 months...) which my doctor said would help me to 'lose weight'. Well it didn't. The longer I stayed on my 'new vegetarian diet the more I gained'! I just kept gaining pound after pound and I was sick and tired of the restrictions the vegetarian diet the doctor told me I had to suffer!

I just broke down. I felt so overwhelmed with my weight. I just couldn't take it anymore...and I hated depriving myself of the foods I loved. And my cheating was making the weight gain worse.

I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown as I was so depressed over losing the battle with my weight, yet again. I followed the vegetarian diet the doctor gave me to the letter...except...

I CHEATED...well, more than a little...

One day my 'NEW Vegetarian Diet' came to a depressing halt.

One morning when I went to weigh myself I knew deep inside -- even before I stepped on the scale -- I had failed to lose the weight, yet again.

I had been on a very strict vegetarian diet -- 'the new vegetarian diet' my doctor had prescribed for me for nearly three months. And the sad fact is I had gained 3 pounds for every month I had been on it!

I was 12 pounds heavier...

What was I doing wrong?

When I consulted my dietitian she said that I was cheating and that the way I was eating was substituting foods that were too high in calories = too high of fat and sugars...guess I replaced the 'meat and protein cravings' with 'calorie laden EXTRA FAT and SUGARS!

So I went back to the library and surfed the web to find some answers because I was not getting the right help I needed. I felt deep in my heart I could be a vegetarian and...

I knew I could stick to a vegetarian diet...
IF I knew what I was doing WRONG!

I knew the choice to become a vegetarian and stick with it was what I wanted to do.

I wanted...

  • a healthier lifestyle and wanted to lose my excess weight
  • to not eat meat and this was for more than health reasons
  • stop the cruelty to animals that were being slaughtered for meat
  • to feel good about my vegetarian lifestyle choice
  • to reduce the negative ecological effects of raising meat animals
  • to help with ending world hunger by not eating meat animals
  • to not feel deprived by not eating meat and related dairy products
  • to find a vegetarian diet plan I did not have to count calories on
  • to find a diet and meal plans I could feel good with and stick to


Where I found the right answers doesn't matter.
What does matter is at last I have found the right answers!

Let me tell you why I know this diet will work for you, just like it did for me.

These changes I made to my vegetarian diet really worked fast. You will know the right foods to eliminate and the right foods that work as low-calorie substitutions that won't make you feel deprived and curb your meat and sugar cravings!

And I guarantee you will find you will be able to stick to a vegetarian diet plan and lose weight in all those stubborn areas of your body like you never have before!

Get ready to get the scale out, because you'll quickly see as you watch the arrow on your scale go down and shows you the proof of the pounds melting off within just a few days!

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I'm giving you this free mini book so you can get started right now on finding out the REAL TRUTH about how to stick to a vegetarian diet, without it costing you a thin dime.

I had read about Kirstie Alley who gained 84 pounds on her vegetarian diet and I did not want to 'cheat on my vegetarian diet' and so gain weight like that!

I had to face the facts that...

  • I had to stop eating fast food and regular jogs to 'McDonalds'
  • I had to stop cheating on my vegetarian diet - that would not work
  • I had to feel good about my vegetarian lifestyle choice
  • I had to find a way to be a vegetarian without counting calories
  • I had to find a way to 'curb my cravings for carbs and sugary foods'
  • I had to find vegetarian meal plans that worked with my lifestyle
  • I had to find an easy way to stick to my diet that worked

I knew losing more weight comes down making common sense decisions and learning about more healthy food choices and that was what I needed to fix.


Here's a hidden secret about how you sabotage your vegetarian diet's weight loss efforts.

Cheating with Vegetarian Dieting is destined to fail.

Because you'll never lose weight and keep it off with any diet that leaves you feeling hungry all the time, or you feel deprived. Feeling deprived unleashes an irresistible force and no matter how hard you try, sooner or later your willpower will fail and you will cheat.

This is how I cheated...I love McDonald's fries...

But as Walter Willett (chair of department of nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health) states -- “a diet based on Coca-Cola, pizza, and French fries is technically vegetarian. But the healthiest vegetarian diet will have a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes.”


So I went to the library and surfed the web, and I found out that...

  • If the 670 million tons of world grain fed to livestock was reduced by 10%, the grain leftover could feed 225 million people! 

  • If every American chose to eat just one less meat meal a week, there would be enough grain free to feed 25 million people!

  • If we reduced meat eating in industrialized countries, even just by 10%, with an efficient geographical distribution plan in place, many experts believe the eventual end of world hunger would be foreseeable.

  • If we stop eating meat, then cruelty to animals raised for meat will end!

  • And if I stopped cheating on my 'veggie diet' I would lose the weight I had gained and be able to keep it off!

Here's what I discovered...





Now these are just part of the reasons why I wanted to be a vegetarian!


might be...


You might want to be a vegetarian for your religious beliefs. In Hinduism and Buddhism, and some Christians believers will be a vegetarian to symbolize nonviolence and purity.


Keeping livestock to sell for meat contributes to air, water and soil pollution, and adds to the greenhouse gases produced by them. Statistics I found state the amount of these gasses due to meat animal farming are more harmful to the atmosphere, than every car in the world combined!


Because developing countries clear forests to make grazing land for more meat animals, this adds to deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Clear cutting is adding to the endangered species that are threatened.


Right now 70% of all grain in the world is used to feed livestock, rather than people. When grain is sent to poor nations, as much as 75% is used for feeding livestock, which is then transported back to the industrialized world as meat!



A lot of animals in the meat industry are confined to very small spaces. A lot of chickens live in tiny cages still or some cows don't leave their stalls, except to be slaughtered. Evidence of inhumane living conditions and animal cruelty is enough to cause many people to turn to vegetarianism.


It is thought that a large percentage of cattle (over 50%) in the United States are fed on poultry waste, slaughterhouse waste (blood and bones) and worst of all remains of euthanized cats and dogs!

This can make your stomach turn that these meats are available on the open market, with little indication of what they have been fed.

When I read about that, I knew from this day on I would not be cheating on my vegetarian diet plan!


Many people will say they are vegetarians because of health reasons. If you think you won't get all the nutrition you need as a vegetarian it's not true. Authorities, like the ‘American Diabetes Association’, has found that a vegetarian diet can supply all the essential nutrients required for optimal health --- but only if you do it the right way.


That is a cause that everyone can understand and is an easy explanation if anyone should ask “Why are you a vegetarian?”

However, as a vegetarian, we can still be guilty of eating the
wrong things, sometimes without even realizing it. Find out why vegetarians and vegans end up overweight shortly and the vegetarian food sins, which they may be guilty of.

Here's the truth of what I discovered I was doing wrong...


There are many foods that you should avoid, while being on a vegetarian weight loss diet. Often these foods are classified as 'health foods' and even weight loss aids, yet they can actually cause you to gain weight.

Do you eat/buy:

  • Store bought granola?
  • Store bought cereals?
  • 100 calorie snacks?
  • Diet drinks?
  • Slimming low calorie drinks?
  • The wrong dark bread?
  • Calorie laden smoothies?
  • The wrong soy?
  • Frozen TV dinners?

Here are my top 7 vegetarian foods that should be avoided, and why while you are on a vegetarian diet.

In the Vegetarian Diet book you'll find out the startling truth about:

  • How trans fats get deposited as toxins and how they can lead to serious health issues - read more about this damage on page 14.
  • How branding labels of 'thin', 'slim', 'low fat', 'weight loss' are added to a foods label and when reading the content of the food you will find this is a misleading statement and is not as true as the front of the label would lead you to believe... See more on Page 19.
  • How manufacturers get away with a sneaky trick you need to watch out for when listing ingredients of less than 1 gram!
    See page 20.
  • How cereals (especially cereals aimed at children) have tons of sugar often between 9-26 grams of sugar and how that is contributing to the rise in obesity in children. More on page 22.
  • You buy granola/breakfast cereals or cereal bars and how manufacturers use hydrogenated oil as a preservative that can harm you - find out why no amount of hydrogenated oil is healthy - See page 29.
  • Certain cereals and most shop bought granola have too high a sugar content and how they are hide the sugar in syrups and just because it is a natural sugar does not mean it is any healthier, or lower in calories See page 30.

More SINS?...

  • Why those 100 calorie snacks you buy can sabotage your weight loss efforts because of the ingredients will actually make you crave more! More on page 30.
  • Find out how the Slim Fast adverts are hiding not only 1 but 3 sources of super fattening sugars and top it off with the dreaded hydrogenated oil that is also in all likelihood genetically modified. Read the truth on page 34.
  • How veggie patties sodium content can be high and with the bread you eat the veggie pattie with can hurt your weight loss efforts. See page 31.
  • Discover why some healthy wheat bread is not always healthy and how it is sometimes disguised as 'dyed white bread'! Read about the cover up on page 32!
  • Uncover why that 450 calorie frozen dinner that looks so good on the box has triple the sodium (up to 1200mg!) you should have for that meal and makes you feel bloated (Hint it's the carbs!) Find out more on page 33.
  • How your indulgence in a 'smoothie shop' can have the same amount of sugar as 4 Snicker bars! Find out all about it on Page 30.
  • The truth about processed foods and why they are NOT a healthy choice for you. See page 34.

The REAL TRUTH About Soy?...

  • Find out why too much soy can wreck your weight loss plan and that eating too much soy could have an estrogenic effect, which limits the body’s ability to burn fat, therefore slowing down your fat loss efforts. More on page 35.
  • How soy can be generically modified and how this type of soy is NOT good for you and how to find the right kind to buy. Page 36.
  • Find out vegan dairy alternatives to carbs and protein that you can live with. Read about them on pages 43 - 46.
  • Read about my vegan alternatives for dairy, egg and baking ingredients with my Internet resource lists on pages 46- 49.
  • I list my 7 Healthy Vegan Snacks for you on pages 50 - 57.

Lose the Toxins and Get Energized!

With the Weight loss Diet for Vegetarians helps remove the harmful toxins you have been consuming with meat, makes you feel more energetic and gives you an overall feeling of better health and well-being. You will be amazed at the difference that you will feel after not eating meat for a couple of days on the new vegetarian diet.

My friends tell me that after eating a vegetarian diet for even a short while, means that you too will be able to say 'yes' to the following questions:

Are you a healthy weight? - YES!

• Do you feel good most of the time? - YES!

Do you wake up energized? - YES!

• Is your blood pressure in a healthy range? - YES!

• Are your cholesterol and blood sugar levels normal? - YES!

As a vegetarian you are more likely to be a healthy weight and have a lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar count, than those people who eat meat. Even vegetarians, who choose to still eat dairy products, can see major improvements to their health.

The new vegetarian diet boosts your metabolism and you feel alive and energetic again. To me, not feeling tired, grouchy, deprived all the time,'s like heaven!


One of the wonders of this diet is it is a 'super fat burner'.

Once you start using Weight loss Diet for Vegetarians, your body will start burning fat the right way and converting it to energy when you start eating the right balance of dietary fiber and low calorie foods. And you'll be ridding your body of dangerous toxins that are in meat and meat products.

Once you stop eating meat and get started ridding your body of these toxins your energy will begin to increase dramatically. One of the huge benefits of eating a vegetarian diet is the 'new higher energy level' you'll have -- it will probably be about 3 times higher than your level is now!

Feel Great, Lose The Weight - FAST!

When I started using Weight loss Diet for Vegetarians I was able to get the right personal motivation and I found I could be a 'sensible vegetarian' and still lose weight! Once I found the right motivation, and a vegetarian diet plan that included foods to help curb my cravings for meat, sugar and carbs, I found I could easily stick with it.

With my vegetarian diet plans you are not avoiding the food that you like, instead you are substituting foods which are similar in satisfaction, and which leads to curbing temptation and cravings. When you start to eat the right foods and feel healthier for it, you can lose weight without actually realizing it. When you eliminate meat from your diet, you are getting rid of your main source of fat.

High Speed Weight Loss and You Can
Even Eat Cookies!

I think my diet is the best way to lose weight I have ever heard about and it's simple to lose weight, when you feel that the diet is not a hardship and simply - WORKS!

To sum up. You will lose weight easily and really fast. The bonus is you will never feel hungry. You'll love the fact, you will not have to count calories or portions anymore. You can eat out as often as you like and not worry about it. The best thing is, your health will improve and you'll feel fabulous as your body changes over to the high energy, fat-burning machine it was meant to be.

Except for when you weigh yourself you will probably forget you are on a diet at all.


This vegetarian diet has been a Godsend to me and I recommend it to all my friends and even to my MOM! I am the proud owner of a thinner, sexy new body. I have lost over 37 pounds, and KEPT IT OFF. I now weigh 125 and I wear a size Medium shirt instead of an L! My jeans size went from a 16 to a 12!

I feel good and can walk up stairs without losing my breath. My girlfriends say I look 10 years younger after being on this new vegetarian meal plan for 2 months!

I don't get sick with every flu bug anymore...

I feel great even when people around me are sick with colds and the flu.

I enjoy a new peace of mind that I never have had before. When you are feeling good about yourself and the way you look, it feels like a miracle! All your friends will be envious of the weight you have lost, mine are!

I have more energy now than when I was first married and I am more in the mood to make love to my husband now too!

Best of all, my husband has fallen in love with the new thinner 'me', all over again.

Will this amazing vegetarian diet and my diet plans work for you?

I'm sure they will. Once you get the guide and the meal plans you will find it's easy to read. You will be able to follow the easy vegetarian meal plans even when eating out.

Once you get the guides you can easily read them in an evening or two and you can get started right away. Once you start the new vegetarian meal plans, you will be amazed at how fast the pounds will fall off you!

Now let's be honest... I love cookies and cakes!

If I can lose weight on my vegetarian diet plans, a woman who 'hates to diet and loves her cookies and cake' can lose weight and keep it off, you can easily do the same.

Here's your first recipe from my book!

My Favorite Vegetarian Cookie Recipe!


Low Fat Choc Chip Cookies 

Ingredients - Makes 36 cookies

2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup light brown sugar

1 cup granulated sugar

¾ cup dairy free semi sweet choc drops

1/8 cup reduced fat peanut butter

2 eggs or Ener-G egg re-placer

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt 

Instructions to Making Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

1.      Heat up oven to 375 degrees F and grease a cookie sheet.

2.      Combine sugars, peanut butter and pumpkin in a mixing bowl.

3.      Add eggs, or egg re-placer, vanilla, salt, and baking soda and mix together well.

4.      Add the flour slowly.  As a general rule, the less you use the denser and gooey your cookie will be.  For a softer, chewy cookie, then 1 ½ to 2 cups of flour is what you need.

5.      Stir in chocolate chips.

6.      Using a large spoon, drop substantial dollops of cookie dough onto the tin.  As these cookies do not contain butter, they will not spread out much.  A standard baking tray will hold about 15 cookie dough spoonfuls.

7.      Bake for 10 – 15 minutes, until bottoms are golden brown and the tops look like they are not raw.

8.      These are lovely warm from the oven, but are also easily freezable to store some away for future weeks, when a yummy snack is just the ticket.




The Weight Loss Diet For Vegetarians

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The Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet is about Real Answers and Real Solutions From A Real Person for weight loss. You get the facts about how I found a vegetarian diet with great, fun-to-eat vegetarian meal plans I could stick to. And you will too!

You get just what you need, and can get started eating right and you will soon be feeling healthier and losing the excess weight. The Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet is a complete guide and with the companion bonus of mouth-watering vegetarian recipes is a sure winner!

You'll find just what you need to 'sensibly lose weight and keep it off and it just simply -- WORKS!'

I'll give you the good-tasting vegetarian meal plans and with the right attitude and the right plan you can get started losing your first couple of pounds the same day you download the books.


Soon you'll be feeling more energetic, look thinner, and look years younger.

not a professional athlete, doctor, or fitness expert, but I am sure that when we work together and you read the guides, and start eating right, you can see the same weight loss results!

The Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet is NOT about eating a low carb diet or killing yourself with an extreme exercise. Super low carb or low fat diets are a recipe for failure. No one can stick to them for any length of time. A successful vegetarian weight loss diet allows you to lose weight and keep it off without feeling hungry. That is the secret behind the Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet.


It does not matter your age -- 20, 30, 40, 50 years of age or more, nor your sex! The Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet works great for both men and women. You can lose weight with this diet and keep it off, guaranteed.

Did you know that if you cut 100 calories a day from your diet, that's 36,500 can easily lose 10 POUNDS A YEAR!

The Weight Loss Diet For Vegetarians


Find out how well the Vegetarian Diet works!

Real Testimonials from Real People Just Like You...

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       "The girls look at me now..."

"I bought your Weight Loss For Vegetarians book on the chance it would help me and I could stick with the vegetarian diet I was on. The simple changes to my lifestyle helped me lose 5 pounds the first week I tried the diet. My body looks much slimmer too. I love the way the girls look at me now."

Derrick Wheeler
San Francisco, California


"A Vegetarian Diet that is simple..."

"Your program is a good one. This is a simple diet that works and that I can stick with. All I know is, the meal plans were what I needed to make a vegetarian diet work for me. My feelings of low energy and feeling tired all the time is gone. My plan is to lose those last five pounds. I want to wear my favorite skinny black dress again!"

Amy Thornton
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     "I loved the recipes..."

"The meal plans were great and just what I needed. I loved the recipes. Thanks for a great ebook, I recommend it to all my friends."

Donna Johnston
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      "My abs show!"

"I decided to try the book and the meal plans helped me to lose the fat. Now my abs show!

After a 7 days I am setting my goal on losing my next 5 pounds. This is the right way to lose weight and it's SIMPLE stuff! I have lost 7 pounds of body fat around my abs and belly I never thought I'd lose. It seems like a miracle.

The diet is easy to stick to and I don't feel hungry. I can see my abs again without starving myself, that is worth the price of the book!"

Ron Wroth
London, UK



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A complete list of 8 Weeks of Vegetarian Recipes to super charge your new vegetarian lifestyle'!

This is a great companion book to the Weight Loss Diet For Vegetarians. The book "Weight Loss For Vegetarians" will help you to understand what you do to 'self sabotage your diet.' You get over 8 FULL WEEKS of Vegetarian Meals with the full Methods for Preparation -- this book is 197 PAGES LONG!

Grab your copy and get started with the simple-easy-to-do steps you need to know to easily change your lifestyle and lose the weight! (Value $27.00) (Instant Download)



Here's how you can read my guide and try my diet without any financial risk at all. Go ahead and order my guide. Keep it 60 days and read it and check the diet out.

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"I have lost weight and I am keeping it off and I have more energy too. I feel good and have only been on the diet a month.
My wife is very happy with me because I finally found something that worked. On my last checkup I found out my doctor is happy with my progress too.
Thanks for a good diet that works for me and I can stick with."

Mary Anders
Topeka, Kansas


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